Forwarding Services

Email Forwarding

Extract and save tracking numbers from your forwarded emails

What are email forwarding services?

Email forwarding service gives a new way to add packages without copy/paste, typing tracking numbers
  • Auto extract tracking numbers from your shipping confirmation emails.
  • Auto save shipping confirmation emails to your account.
  • Allows specify carrier and nickname for tracking numbers.
  • Allows link alternative email addresses to your account.
  • We'll email you whether detecting tracking numbers successful or not.
  • Setup auto forward filter in your mailbox, learn more about it.

How to use the forwarding services?

Forward your shipping confirmation emails to [email protected]
  • Don't have an account yet?
    Sign up for a Packagetrackr Account, it's free!
    Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link we email to you. If you can't find the verification email, resend confirmation instructions here.
  • Want to forward emails from a different email address?
    Link alternative email addresses, on your settings page.
  • Add a nickname to tracking numbers
    Remove the FW: or FWD: prefix in the subject
  • Disable detecting response emails
    Put the "noreply" option #packagetrackr.prefs.noreply# at the end of your email body
  • Disable auto saving email message
    Put the "" option at the end of your email body

Shipping confirmation emails from both carriers sites (UPS, FedEx, USPS etc.) and retailer sites (Amazon, Newegg etc.) are supported.

Add multiple tracking numbers by sending emails to [email protected] in specific format
  • Email format
    Subject: Add Packages (Strictly)
    Body: #:{tracking number} {carrier name} {nickname} (After # is a colon, use space as a separator)
  • Example:
    Email Forwarding Screenshot
  • Enable auto saving email message
    Put the "" option at the end of your email body

Setup auto forward in Gmail or any other emailboxes

  • Add [email protected] to your forwarding address list: (For Gmail user, our forwarding service will forward the Gmail confirmation email to you automatically.)
    Auto Forwarding Screenshot
  • Create a filter (e.g. shipping confirmation emails from
    Auto Forwarding Screenshot
  • Forward it to [email protected]
    Auto Forwarding Screenshot