Email Notification

Get package delivery notification via email

What are email notifications?

If you enable email notification, we will email you when:
  • Your shipment's shipping information has been created.
  • Your shipment is reported as being picked up.
  • Your shipment is reported as in transit or arrived at carrier's facility (one email per day for these events).
  • Your shipment is reported as being Out for Delivery. Please note, not all carriers (Global Postal, for example) support this status.
  • Your shipment has an exception. Exceptions occur most frequently when a package cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address, lack of signature, or weather delays.
  • Your shipment is reported as being Delivered.

These emails will be sent as soon as our system reports one of the matching conditions. However, due to a lag in updates from some carriers, the information may not be in real-time.

How to enanble email notification?

Email Example:

Dear Demo Account,
Your shipment:  Order from
Scheduled for:  2015-10-15
Updated at:  2015-10-15 10:10 AM UTC


10:00 AM
About 5 days ago.
The shipment has been delivered to its destination.
Los Angeles, CA, US

Happy tracking!
The Packagetrackr Team
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